Step into our contemporary training studio in the heart of the CBD, a dedicated zone just
for you to upgrade your body. As specialists in performance, the SLINGSHOT coaches give
you our undivided attention to help optimise your athletic development.

It is widely acknowledged that professional fighters and footballers are two of the most
well rounded athletes, possessing incredible energy, speed, strength, power, with cardio
levels to the moon and back.

The SLINGSHOT workouts, inspired by professional MMA and football training, promise
to condition your entire body in a 60min session.


Whether you are a professional athlete or stepping into a training facility for the first time – this is your playground, your space, your time.

Perform like a pro! Train like a professional fighter or a footballer in the build up to a fight or during pre-season.

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Combat fitness

A 50min session to helping you develop your ability to throw punches, kicks, grappling techniques and takedowns.


Football fitness

This intense 60mins is geared towards developing your relationship with the ball that can be translated onto the field.

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Athlete development

A 60mins session targeted to help develop the athlete in you, with a focus on balance, movement and technique.



HIIT cardio sessions get your heart pumping and help shred body fat but the weights and resistance training sculpt you. Complete our HIIT sessions at least once a week to challenge your body and achieve optimal results.


11C Lor Telok, Singapore 049024

+65 87921242

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