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Without Commitment
There Is No Change

Whether you are a professional athlete or stepping into a training facility for the first time – this is your playground, your space, your time.

Perform like a pro! Train like a professional fighter or a footballer in the build up to a fight or during pre-season.

Combat fitness

For fighters battling it out in the ring. It’s a mental game. Your body is screaming at you. It comes down to who can ignore it the longest. This session is driven to helping you develop your ability to throw punches, kicks, grappling techniques and takedowns. After the first 60min, your combat-ready self will awaken, with a difference noticed immediately.

Football fitness

As players become fitter, space becomes more limited so being able to troubleshoot in tight situations is a winning skill. Our training studio mimics play situations in tight areas of the field. It will be intense.

This 60mins is geared towards developing your relationship with the ball that can be translated onto the field.

Skill alone isn’t enough. When it comes to training, “no pain, no gain” is an old-school sentiment. There is a lot of truth to it.

Athlete development

Once you have decided to up your game and skill level, this session is for you.

Elite level professional, serious competitor or weekend warrior, as specialists in sports performance, we give our undivided attention to helping you develop the athlete in you. With a focus on balance, movement and technique, you’ll notice the difference in your ability to throw kicks, punches, to troubleshoot in tight situations with a silken touch improve after just one session.

So what are you waiting for? Be better!


HIIT cardio sessions get your heart pumping and help shred body fat but the weights and resistance training sculpt you. We incorporate both these elements to challenge your body.

Variety is key when looking to make gains in your overall well-being & fitness. Intensity makes the difference, it is what tells the body that a change needs to happen. The higher the intensity, the better the message is sent. If it’s too low, you could workout for 5 or 10 years without building any muscle or shredding any fat.

Most people underestimate how strong and creative they are. Complete our HIIT sessions at least once a week to challenge your body and achieve optimal results.